Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grants for Low Income Families

Ever since the economy took a turn for the worse many families had fallen into the low income state. Families that are considered low income can apply for financial assistance from the government. You can find many subsidies and grants that are made available for low income families which would help pay for housing and food. In order to apply for these grants for low income families, you have to know where to look. For families looking for subsidized housing, they may want to look at Section 8 housing.

Section 8 housing is a federal program administered by the states. It provides rental assistance to low-income families through vouchers. The vouchers, provided by the local housing authorities, help families move into homes that are not part of the public housing network. The program helps people move into safe and affordable housing. The Public Housing Act combines housing programs for rental assistance offered by Section 8 into one market-driven program. It improves the tenants’ living standards and gives them more housing to choose from.

Low income families can get help with their energy bills through the low-income home energy program. Families that make less than 150% above the poverty level are eligible for participating in this program. Once the families qualify, this federal grant program administered through local and state agencies will pay for the energy usage of low income families. States may apply for a portion of the block grant to help low income households meet the cost of immediate and emergency household energy bills. The funds are typically given to states depending on the weather and the population where it would most benefit the people.

The Food and Nutrition Service, or FNS helps low income families through the supplemental nutritional assistance program, school meal programs, summer food service programs and other programs. These programs help ensure that low income families get the proper nutrition. The FNS is administered by state, local and community organizations and they help reduce childhood hunger, reduce obesity and help people get to the anti-hunger programs and safety networks. Not only do they partner with the government, the FNS has also partnered with community food banks, faith-based organizations and anti-hunger programs.

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