Saturday, September 12, 2009

Housing Grants for Disabled People

Everyone needs housing and the disabled are no exception. The disabled can include men, women, veterans, etc. Since many disabled people need assistance, the type of housing they require must be properly staffed with caregivers or on call nurses. However, living in these kinds of disabled housing facilities require a lot of money in which many disabled people are unable to afford. A lot of disabled people are living off of disability checks which may not cover much living expenses already let alone for housing.

In order to overcome this problem, the federal government helps the disabled by providing housing grants for disabled people. There are two different types of housing grants for disabled people that the government offers. They offer grants that help the disabled buy a home or they offer grants that help the disabled rent a place.

First thing you should decide is whether you want to purchase a home or rent place. If you rent and live in a disability facility then there will be staff to help you whenever you need. If you decide to buy a home, then you might have to hire someone to help you. Also, if you buy a home, you’ll need to have someone mow the lawn and do other yard work if you are unable to do that yourself. These costs can add up significantly. If you decide to live in a facility then most things will be taken care of for you.

To apply for housing grants for the disabled you can go to the government grants website and find grants particular to your cause. Once you’ve found the grant, just provide the information that they require and submit. You should go that route if you plan on getting funding for buying a home. Otherwise if you plan on renting, then you should go to HUD, which is the Housing and Urban Development to fill out an application for housing grants for disabled people. HUD will give you a voucher which you can use at any disability housing that accepts it.

You don’t always have to go through the government to get housing grants for people with disabilities. There are many non-profit organizations or businesses that offer grants. You search online or directories should help you get in touch with these organizations and on your way to getting housing grants for disabled people.

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  1. I'am disabled and so is my wife . She would like to get her notary license & I would like to get my used car dealer sales lot . Can I get a grant with a lot & home on the same property . This way we can d business right at our home for those days we have really bad days . We want to do something to help people and to be able to work at sales & buy & sell parts . Hire someone to do work on cars & property. Is there a grant that would fall under a home & business under the same grant or would I even be able to get such a grant in pa?