Monday, February 21, 2011

Pell Grants for Single Mothers

Being a single mother can be quite tough. You have to support your kids and also pay for everything without the help of your ex-spouse. But if you want to achieve success in this world then you need to get an education and get a better job. A lot of single mothers would object that getting an education costs a lot of money which is something that they do not have. It is true that education costs money but you could get which would go a long way to helping you pay for tuition. The money comes from the federal government. It is meant to help people that are poor so that they are on equal footing with people that are financially better off.

To get the Pell Grant, you would have to fill out the FAF which would ask your financial information such as income and assets. The government uses this information to figure out how much money they would give you. Generally, the less that you have and the less that you make, the more grant money you can expect to receive. Once you get the money, you can pretty use it on whatever you want. When I received my grant, I used it to pay for tuition and books. I try to save as much of the money that I can. Typically, you could get several thousand dollars per semester and tuition eats up a good chunk of it.

Every year that you want to receive the Pell Grant, you would have to fill out the again. This is because your financial situation may change every year so the government needs to check your income and assets again. I was lucky enough to get the grant for the 4 years of college because my financial situation did not change much. This is a really good program for single moms that want to get ahead.

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  1. Many moms just cannot find a way to pay for, or attend, traditional college courses. Classes are just so expensive, and in today's economy extra money in your doesn't exist. Plus, who wants to put their children in daycare? Most mothers don't and that's why they use grants to pay for online college classes. Pick an online school to attend and you will never have to set foot in a traditional classroom. As long as your online school is an accredited university, you can qualify for financial assistance from the U.S. government and the U.S....